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Download and Fill PPSC Challan Form 2021

Download the completed PPSC Challan Form 2021. Most applicants who apply for the first time in PPSC are concerned about ppsc jobs challan or how to download and fill ppsc challan form. If you are concerned about ppsc jobs challan or how to download and fill ppsc challan form, you have come to the right website. We will provide you with complete details and guide you step by step.

Download Challan Form Pdf

PPSC Challan Form Fee structure

Mostly ppsc charge fixed fee for test in some case of jobs nature like BPS-17 challan fee amount title bit high

PPSC Challan Fee (BPS-09 to 16)Rs: 600/=
PPSC Challan Form (BPS-16 to 19)Rs: 1000/=
Note (This fees charge some time otherwise 600 pkr challan fee)

Step by Step guide to fill PPSC Challan Form 2021

Do you have downloaded theChallan form and Print it.The next process you need to find ppsc case number inwhich you want to apply for case number you will be to check the advertisements of the PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) and then select the job for which you want to apply for.

There are 2 things in ppsc advertisement for noteabel to use in challan.

  • The Post name of that you are qualified for.
  • The case number of the post.

You can see both of things highlighted in the image below:

  • You will be directed to the downloaded challan form after selecting the name and number. When you open the challan form, you can see the form below. So, after printing the form, you must now fill it out on paper.
  • As you can see, there are three copies of the Challan sort. One of these copies will be issued to applicants as a nominee copy, while the other two will be retained by the National Bank.

Download AIOU Challan Form

In this step, you need to fill out 4 portions of the challan. These portions are:

  1. The name of the Candidate (Who is applying for ppsc job)
  2. Name of the post.
  3. Case no. of the post.
  4. Total amount to be submitted (i.e, Rs.600).

Repeat All these steps 3 Times in every single challan copy. You will need to fill all of these things as shown below.

  • After you have completed all of the preceding steps, you will need to complete one more item. You’ll see a text that says (in words) Rupees in the bottom left corner (as seen in the image).
  • You must write the total in English (i.e, Six hundred Rupees). Remember that you must repeat this process with each copy.
  • The following move allows you to sign all copies of the challan form. There’s a little section right over the “(In words) Rupees.” The word “Signature” is written to show that this is the signature field.

This concludes the procedure for completing the PPSC challan form. Everything you have to do is take the challan to any National Bank of Punjab branch and pay the dues. The explanation for moving to the national bank is that this is a government work that requires a government challan form that can only be submitted at the National Bank of Punjab.